Gender norms restrict us, limit us, tell us how we should dress. We want to dismantle that way of thinking, to champion inclusivity on all levels. Designed with love for all, the JACQ collection was created for every identity to feel extraordinary in their everyday life. Our pieces are tailored yet casual, with thoughtful accents and unexpected details in wearable, tonal colors that fit in any closet. JACQ offers something unique but still subdued that is suitable for daily wear. Everyone deserves to express themselves with style, free from the notion of gender.



We are on a mission to create a sustainable future by leading and improving the industry’s current performance in sustainability by implementing solutions to counterbalance negative environmental and social impacts of manufacturing. 

We use recycled and organic fabrics such as viscose twill and cotton twill with a peachy wash for ultimate comfort.  Recycled hangtags and dust bags are also used to create a circular sustainable purchase. JACQ’s sustainable direction inspires to improve the social, economic, environmental well being of global communities.



Being part of the LGBTQ community, dressing gender neutral is comfortable, powerful and confident. 

I always strive to express myself freely via fashion to create images to inspire others and not to conform to the norm. 

I want to create something that are understated with quality, effortless and attainable luxury with subtle details. Being vegan and vegetarian since I was a child, I always strive for the importance of sustainability and responsible for our environment. Therefore, I chose to use organic, sustainable, recycled fabrics to make clothing and all materials that we use for JACQ. 

I want people to feel empowered and know it's ok to be "you", to be comfortable in your own skin. Which is why from my heart to yours, I give you JACQ ... Designed with love for all.